Photoshop CS4, 5, 6 and cc
When your image is ready for conversion

    • you go to File and
    • near the bottom left-click on Automate
    • then left-click Fit Image
    • in the constraint body put 1400 for width and 1050 for height in pixels.
    • Click OK.
    • Your image can then be saved as a jpg for the club projector.
      If you want the image for a web site image then you go a step further:

  • Go to File and
  • then down to save for web and devices
  • at the top of the next page make sure the 2up is ticked.
  • Then go to the right hand side and at the top in preset choose from the
    drop down menu jpg medium.
  • Click on the bottom picture which should be about 100 to 160k in size,
  • then click on save and
  • save where you want to keep your web pictures.
    I keep them in my pictures in a folder webpictures.

Photoshop Elements
When your image is ready for conversion click on

  • Under “how would you like to share” click e-mail attachments
  • on the next screen half way down It states
  • Maximum Photo Size – choose Very Big (1280 x 969 px) and
  • move the quality slider to 12 – Maximum for a club projected image or
  • move the quality slider to 6 – medium for a web image
  • Then go to File on the top line and choose “export as new file”
  • In location choose browse and decide where you want to save the file and
    with what name,
  • then click export

You can also do the same as above by changing the image size to 1400 x 1050 pixel

Photoshop Lightroom 3, 4, 5, 6 and cc

When you have completed your image

  • go to file (on top line) and click export
  • Then on Export One File chose where to export to – my pictures folder is
  • If you want a subfolder put a tick in put in subfolder box and
  • chose a folder or create a new one e.g webpictures or club projected.
  • If you want to rename your image then under File Naming
  • click in rename to box and
  • choose custom name from drop down box and
  • then name the image

If you don’t want to rename then ignore the above 3 lines.

If you want the image to be a club projected file

  •  then go to image sizing
  • Then tick resize to fit accept width and height then fill in the width as
    1400 and the height as 1050.
  • Then click export

If you want to export the image to email you can use the above, however the size is
bigger than you need for an email especially if you are sending more than one therefore
you can do all of the above but you can ignore the resize to fit and

  • use file settings instead and
  • click in limit size to box and
  • then put the size of your email in the
    K box,
  • suggest 120
  • Then click export

 Google Picassa
When you are happy with your image go down to the bottom of the screen – click on export

Put in your export location (suggest “mypictures” ) and then decide on the
name of the exported folder (as above) 800 pixels are good and then either fill in the
watermark or just go to export and you will find the reduced image in the web_picture’s