HCPC  Share Your Slide Show 

We are inviting members to share an audio visual presentation, a slide show, of up to 4 mins. You will be given and additional 10 minutes, if you choose, to speak to your presentation and answer questions .  The Slide Show, saved to a .mov on a USB must be given to the Technology person at the beginning of the meeting.   

We ask you to speak briefly to these questions.

1.     What is the theme?
2.     Where were the photos taken and when?
3.     How did you choose which photos you would use?
4.     How did you process them?
5.     Why did you arrange them in the order they’re in?
6.     If you chose music, what led you to choose that music? 

Finish your presentation by asking for input from the audience. 

HCPC  Show & Share Six Photos 

In an effort to increase the photography education of our members and as a way of sharing our enjoyment of photography with each other, we would like to invite members to share up to six favorite images each during a Show and Share.
You will be allowed a maximum of 10 mins. to give your presentation and answer questions.  We will require images to be 1400 x1050 jpg on a USB stick to be supplied at the beginning of the club meeting. 

We would like you to be prepared to speak briefly to the follow questions about each photo. 

1.      What is your subject?
2.     Where was it taken?
3.     When did you take it? (time and season)
4.     Why did it attract you eye?
5.     How did you take it? Camera? Tripod? Settings?  etc.
6.     Any other interesting “secrets”? 

Finish your presentation by asking for input from the audience.