By:  Kelli Etheridge

Great slideshows begin when the photographer picks up the camera.  Having a clear idea about your slideshow from the beginning helps it become a work of art.  Use some of these ideas while shooting to help bring your slideshow to the next level!

 1. Image Orientation

Shoot more landscape/horizontal images so that your frame will be full in ProShow.  For maximum versatility shoot both vertical and horizontal images.

2. Shoot for Titles

Photograph with empty space for text in your slideshow. Images with negative space or very simple backgrounds work well for captions.  Always make sure your text is easy to read on top of the image.  Photograph signs that can be used as a title (or information from them can be used within your presentation). Think of possible end slides as well while shooting.

3. Background Images

Blurred images or simple textures work well for backgrounds with either text or images on top of them.

4. Sequences

Photograph a rapid succession of images of moving subjects with a tripod. Put them together for a movie-like effect.  Examples: people running towards the camera, jumping, moving clouds or water.

5. Selective Focus

Using a tripod if possible, take two or more shots with a different part of the image in focus. This is a simple, but effective technique.  Try a slow cross-fade between images.

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