Photo Salon 2022

Photo Salon is part of a worldwide system of recognized forums to showcase the commitment, achievement, and outstanding work of photographers in the region and is open to club and non-club members. A panel of judges adjudicates the digital entries and, if accepted, the photographers print their images in preparation for hanging and final judging by a second panel of judges.  There is also a “People’s Choice” award. Photo Salon is hosted by the Harbour City Photography Club and is endorsed by the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA), the prime photography group in Canada.

Why Enter?

  • The Photo Salon offers public recognition to photography and awards for high quality work.
  • It can improve your photography by having to think critically about what to enter.
  • It motivates others to excel in their craft and promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of photography in the wider community.
  • It is a venue whereby photographers may promote and sell their work without commission.  


The competition categories described below have been established for the following reasons:

  • Participants can see their photographs grouped into categories based on subject matter.
  • Photos are easier to judge on an objective basis if the subjects are similar and the criteria within a category are consistent.
  • When a photo is entered into a specific category, it is understood that it will be judged according to the definition of that category.

Guidelines for all Categories

  • Editing is permitted provided all elements of the image are created by the photographer.
  • The primary subject of the photography must reflect the category description.
  • Each image must have a unique title that is considered a part of the image; titles may influence a judge either a positive or negative manner.
  • DO NOT add your name, copyright, watermark or any other identifying text to the digital image or the print, itself.  Identifying text will disqualify the entry.

Judging Criteria

All photographs will be judged on how well they (i) portray the subject matter, (ii) display visual interest (tell a story or create an emotion), (iii) illustrate technical expertise (both in camera and post processing), (iv) show an original or personal interpretation by the photographer, and (v) fit the category definition.   Judges will not move an image from one category to another

Adjudicated Categories

Images for each of the following categories must be first selected by a panel of judges.  Selected images will be then hung in the salon for final adjudication by a second panel of judges and be eligible for the Awards and the Peoples’ Choice. 


This genre of photography is broad and includes images of forests, deserts, mountains, oceans, lakes, and rivers.  Man-made objects (a building, a fence, a boat) do not disqualify an entry from this category.  If there are humans or animals in the photo, they must not be the focus of the images but are intentionally included to show a sense of scale.  The main purpose is to convey a feeling or mood experienced at the time the shot was taken.  


This category includes only living and untamed mammals, birds, insects and marine life. Subjects kept in zoos, game parks etc are NOT allowed. No domesticated animals or birds are allowed. “Hand of man” that it is deemed as an element of an “adaptive environment’ (ie. Barn owl) is permitted but must consist of no more than 10% total image area. 

Artistic – Digital Art

This category will appeal to those who seek to satisfy their creative passions and curiosity through in-camera or post processing techniques that use the photographic medium as an art form.  Examples include multiple exposures, light painting, digital painting, collages, composites, and abstracts.


As implied, the subject matter is wide open and may include such things as portraiture, cityscapes, still life, architecture, street photography, sports, botany, and other subjects that do not fit the other categories.

Non Adjudicated Category

UPDATE: The submission of the digital images for this category ONLY has been extended to May 15th. Click HERE to see the details.

New to the Salon, this category has been established to acknowledge current world social issues.  Images may be entered for a $10.00 entry fee and will be put on display in addition to the regular Salon exhibition. While these images are not eligible for Awards, they will be eligible for Peoples’ Choice recognition.  The images should not exceed 8”x10” / 10” x 10” and must be mounted on coreboard for display purposes.  Only 15 to 20 entries can be displayed and will be selected by a Salon sub-committee.

Environmental Photojournalism

During the 20th century Environmental Photojournalism has become a major tool in highlighting environmental awareness. Images in this category should explore the complex relationship between people and the environment and illustrate patterns of change on our planet brought about largely by man’s expanding presence. These patterns of change can include endangered environments and also threatened cultures.

  • Environmental photography deals with documenting and commenting our surroundings. It’s often a tool for raising awareness of important environmental and conservation issues: ie. climate change, pollution, global warming, overpopulation, urban sprawl, water pollution, waste disposal, deforestation and logging, public health issues, genetic engineering, etc.
  • The role of a photojournalist is to photograph and share images to the public to tell a visual story.  They are professional journalists skilled at interpreting and communicating an event through a photograph. To that extent, pictures can often speak a thousand words.
  • A combination of documentary photojournalism and environmental journalism. It’s a two-fold discipline inspired by those who study patterns of change on our planet, largely brought about by humanity’s expanding presence.

Only 15 – 20 entries can be accepted in this category.  Each picture should include the following information on the back of the photo: name of photographer, address, and title.


With thanks to the sponsoring club and donations by sponsors, there will be a mixture of cash prizes, gift certificates, and medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, award winners for each of the four adjudicated categories.

Peoples Choice for the adjudicated categories.

People Choice for the non-adjudicated category.

Cost for Regular Adjudicated Entries

$10 for each image submitted to be juried (non-refundable)(Due by April 16)

$15 for each image selected for hanging (non-refundable)(Due by May 15)

$10 for images submitted to non-adjudicated category (non-refundable) – note there will not be a hanging fee for this category. (Due by April 16th) 

Pay by:

  • E-transfer to [email protected]  Add details of the transfer in the message box.
  • Cheques made payable to Harbour City Photography Club. Mail to HCPC, P.O. Box 957, Station A, Nanaimo, B.C., V9R 5N2

Phase One – Digital Entries 

Digital images will be accepted between January 15th and April 16th, 2022.

Participants may enter up to 3 images in total to the Adjudicate Categories, plus one entry to the Non-Adjudicated Category.

The entry fee is $10 for each image to be juried (non-refundable).

Images are accepted for judging only when the fees are paid.

Digital images must be sized to 1400 pixels on the longest side, regardless of the orientation. (Make sure you keep the original in full size for printing).

Please ensure your file name is the image title, as this is what the judges will see. Do NOT include your name and address.

For example: Sunset.jpg and NOT “Sunsetcopy4.jpg. The file name should NOT include your name or address.

In your WeTransfer or email please include the following:

  • your name and address
  • title of the image
  • category to which it belongs
  • very short description of the subject

A team of three external judges will evaluate all entered digital images.

Judges will not know the photographer’s name.  They may choose all or no images from the same person.

Send images via to [email protected] 

Phase Two – Print Preparation and Delivery

Participants with accepted digital images will be notified of judges’ decisions by April 30th.

The hanging fee is $15 per print, payable by May 15. 

Print size must be a minimum 11 x 14 inches or a maximum of 36 inches on the longer side, including frame.

There must be no identifying marks on the front of the prints.

On the back of the image include:

  • name and address
  • image title
  • brief description of the image
  • sale price and contact information (if applicable) 

Images may be mounted on foam core, metal, canvas, wood laminate, or framed.  

Hanging hardware must include picture wire that is fastened with “D” fasteners; eye hooks or toothed hangers are not acceptable.

Prints must be delivered in person to the VIU View Gallery, Building 330 on June 14, 1 – 4 pm

A map and details regarding parking will be provided closer to the date.

Phase Three – Final Details  

Prints with just the accompanying title are hung by gallery staff and juried. 

A second label with the artist’s name, selling price and contact information is added after the prints are juried.  Any sales will be a private transaction.

Sold items may not be collected until June 27

Opening Night/Gala is June 17 at 7:00 pm where winners are recognized with awards and ribbons.

Public gallery hours are daily, Saturday, June 18th – Sunday, June 26th,  10 am – 3 pm and Friday, June 24th, 10:00 – 7:00

Prints must be picked up on June 27, 1 – 4 pm

The Harbour City Photography Club and Vancouver Island University will not

be held liable for prints.  Owners are responsible for their own insurance if they so desire.


Jan. 15 – Apr.16 Digital images are to be submitted to [email protected]

April. 16th  Last date for Digital entry fees (payment due)

April 16th – 30th Digital Images (fees paid) are forwarded to judges for adjudication 

By May 1 Participants are notified of judges’ decisions regarding submissions

May 1 – June 13 Photographers prepare their images for hanging 

May 15 Hanging fee payment is due

June 14   Prints are delivered to The View Gallery at VIU, 1 – 4 pm

June 15   Prints are hung and labeled with the title of the image only.

June 16 Prints are adjudicated.

Afterwards, they are labeled with the photographer’s name, title, etc.

June 17   Opening Night – Gala Awards Ceremony, 7 pm

June 18 – June 26 Salon is open daily to the public; 10 am – 3 pm and Friday 24, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

June 27: Prints are picked up at VIU, 1 – 4 pm

June 27: People’s Choice award will be announced.  The winner and prize information including picture(s) will be sent out via e-mail, website, and the Nanaimo Bulletin newspaper.  

For More Information.     [email protected]  

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