Long Exposure Photography

The fall session for this SIG is full, if you are interested there is a waitlist for a spring session. Please contact Sue at [email protected] to be included

Start Date: Tentative Spring 2024

Leader: Sucha Ollek

This SIG is an introduction to long exposure photography for beginner and intermediate photographers. The SIG will consist of the following three Zoom presentations and three outings to practice.

Zoom #1 – 1.5 hours – Introduction covering the basic equipment, camera setup, basic principles of long exposure photography

Zoom #2 – 2 hours – Introduction to processing techniques

Zoom #3 – 2 hours – Presentation of images created

Outing #1 – Waterfalls and rivers

Outing #2 – Seascapes

Outing #3 – Structures (Buildings, large trees, etc)

Outing will require some walking on gravel/rocky paths and on rough terrain. Although the walks or hikes will be easy they will be up to 30 minutes to reach some site, so be prepared.



  • Camera with bulb or B function
  • Tripod
  • Remote release for camera or know how to set a delay on your camera and use mirror lock-up if you do not have a mirrorless camera.
  • Timer if not built into remote release (most mobile phones will work)
  • Wide angle lens that can be focused manually
  • Black cloth or tape to seal areas of the camera that could cause light leaks
  • A neutral density filter – You can borrow some for the SIG but will need them if you continue
  • Spare camera battery
  • Lens cloth or blower to remove dust or water.
  • Good hiking or walking shoes
  • Warm clothes, including jackets, gloves/mitts and hat


Camera skills:

  • Set camera to shoot in RAW format
  • Set manual focus on camera and manually focus the lens
  • Adjust shutter/aperture to get desired exposure
  • Set camera on bulb to take exposure over 30 seconds when required
  • read a histogram to use ETTR (Expose to the Right) to get correct exposure

Attendees: 8 – 10