There are lots of good reasons to join our club. First two visits are as Guests and a small donation is requested.  After attending 2 meetings you will be expected to Join.

Learn about new innovative equipment, digital cameras (SLR and point-and-shoot), hear and watch talented guest speakers, learn to examine photography with new ideas, get up to date information about club events and other photography related happenings.

For further information contact Membership Chair

For a form to Join please click here  

Why Join ?

Here are just a few reasons to join:
•Have Fun!
•Meet new People!
•Learn new skills!
•Socialize with other photography buffs!
•Share ideas and methods!
•Network with other photography clubs!
•Challenge yourself to try new things!
•Put the fun back into your photography!
•Learn about new innovative equipment and cameras!
•Hear and watch talented guest speakers!
•Learn to examine photography with new ideas!

                             Membership Fees:              Membership Fees:                 Membership Fees:
                             If someone joins                 If someone joins                     If someone joins
Categories:        Sept to end of Feb              March to end of May             June to end of August
Adult                              $50.00                             $37.50                                  $25.00
Family                            $65.00                            $48.75                                   $32.50
Students (with proof) $10.00                             $10.00                                   $10.00

If you come as a Guest you are welcome to attend and the club requests a small donation ($5) for the evening.