Outing – Lotus Pinnatus Park (Harewood Plains) RSVP REQUIRED

Lotus Pinnatus Park 100 Lotus Pinnatus Dr, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Spring Flowers  The soil at Harewood Plains is thin and overlays an impermeable layer of rock. Rainwater saturates the soil and moss, creating a unique ecosystem with shallow runnels of seepage running through rich wildflower meadows. However, this same conditions make the meadows vulnerable to human activity. To minimise impact, visitors should keep to the […]

Outing – Demex – RSVP REQUIRED

Demxx Deconstruction Yard 1688 Alberni Hwy, Coombs, BC, Canada

This outing will take us up to Demex Yard, the source of all things wildly unusual and photograph worthy. The facility is in Coombs; 3 km. before the Goats on the Roof. It can be described as heaven for DIY types, both the inside and the outside offer all kinds of photographic opportunities. There is […]

HCPC Annual Scavenger Hunt

Maffeo Sutton Park 48 Comox St, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Instead of the standard meeting this week we will be having the HCPC Annual Scavenger Hunt.  We will meet at the Gazebo in Maffeo Sutton Park at 6:00PM, where you will be given the criteria for the hunt and proceed from there. You will have 2 hours to find and photograph as many of the […]