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Club Meeting – Zoom – Storytelling for Photographers with JP Stones

October 4 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Storytelling for Photographers is 90 minutes long with a break midway through and a Q&A at the end.  

JP Stones is a British-born Cultural Photographer currently working Mexico. He has spent the last five years photographing a small group of Mexica, or Azteca dancers. In that time he learned how connected the Mexica are to the mythology. To stories passed down across generations. That’s when he decided that, as these stories are so vital to Mexica culture, they needed to play a bigger role in his portraits. 

This is a talk about what happened next. About how a desire to tell stories visually, ended up changing his entire creative process, and the way people react to his photos. Using examples of his cultural photography work in Mexico, JP explores different ways to improve that emotional connection, including how myths and character archetypes can be harnessed for better storytelling. 

Working with narratives won’t just change the way people engage with your photography, it will fundamentally change the way you create them. Because that narrative can also be used to change decisions on posing, composition, lighting, and colour. Focusing your creative decisions and ensuring cohesive work.

Topics of Discussion in JP’s Talk: 

  • How much of a story can one photo really tell?
  • How being more intentional can change your approach to photography. 
  • How photography can be about making an emotional connection as well as creating beautiful work. 
  • How thinking in stories can help guide your entire creative decision-making process. 

To learn more about JP and his work visit his website at https://jpstonesphotography.com



October 4
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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