Denis Dore


 I started taken photographs seriously when I took 2 correspondence photography courses in 1997 and 1998.

The first course was from the Stratford Career Institute to get a diploma in photography.

The second photography course was from the New York Institute of Photography to graduate with a Professional Photography Diploma.

Afterward, I was a freelance photographer. I bought a scanner and would respond to different fires and events around Nanaimo and would submit my photographs to the Nanaimo Bulletin and the Daily News and would get paid if they published my photographs with my name in the newspaper. I also did Nanaimo in Focus and had two full page with Lights of the holiday season. I also did portraits  for businesses and families as well as weddings, sport events and St-John Ambulance public events.

Now, I don’t do Freelance anymore. I just enjoy taking photographs of Landscape, Nature ,Wildlife, Macro and Long Exposure. As for portraits, I only do it for my family.

I am so happy to belong to the Harbour City Photography Club. I learned a lot and still learning. I mostly use our club Facebook Page for my photographs and participate in CAPA Competitions and our Zoom Meetings. I also entered other Competitions outside our club as well. I always print the photographs I want to keep in case of losing them  and to keep a portfolio which I use on occasion.

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