Basics of Post-Processing

Start Date: Tentatively Sept – Oct 2023

Leader: Sue Nurmi

The basics of post-processing your pictures are the same regardless of the program you use and this SIG will cover these basics. WE will look at how a few changes to contract and the crop will change your photograph to a more dynamic image.

The topics to be covered are:

  • Editing programs/systems – How to choose
  • RAW vs JPEG formats
  • Basic editing steps (i.e.: contrast, cropping, spot removal, resizing, etc…)

This SIG will include demonstrations, practice and discussions.

Note: Although we will try to keep this as non-system specific as possible the demonstrations will be done in Lightroom or ON1 east here are the programs the leader works with.

Attendees: 8 – 10

Duration: 3 Sessions

Location: Zoom