About Harbour City Photography Club

Background: The Harbour City Photography club began in Nanaimo in 1991 when a group of friends placed an advertisement in the local papers to see if anyone was interested in belonging to such a club. The first meeting welcomed over fifteen people and the essence of the club was born. The club made its mark in the community through a number of initiatives; namely, the Joy of Photography (a digital and print display), Photo Salon, and hosting a very successful CAPA National Conference. We continue to be a member of the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts and compete in CAPA competitions.

As you browse through our website, you will see that we are a thriving community of photographers. In addition to print and digital competitions – the core of every club – we emphasize education sessions, special interest groups, outing to practice our skills, and showcasing our images in the community.

Meetings: Prior to 2020, the club met at St. Andrew’s United Church, 311 Fitzwilliam Street the first and third Tuesday of the month – September to June. Outings are organized throughout the year including July and August. Since March, 2020, our meetings are held via ZOOM. While this limits our social interactions, it has allowed us to learn from a number of outstanding presenters we would otherwise not be able to afford.

The Board meets monthly. Minutes of those meetings are circulated to the membership. Directors and Chairs, with their contact information ca also be found under the About tab as Board of Directors & Chairpersons.

Challenges & Competitions:  Competitions are intended to gauge how our photography is progressing, inspire a drive towards excellence, to build confidence and pride in our photography.  Themes and due dates are posted on the Calendar of this website.

Special Interest Groups:  The purpose of these groups, known as SIGs, is to give members the opportunity to join with others interested in learning certain aspects of photography.  SIGs have varied over time and have included basics of photography, bridge cameras, natural light portraiture, street photography, FotoMagico, long exposure, macro, and critiquing one’s photographs.  

Outings:  Organized outings give members the opportunity to enjoy a photographic experience with other members, to practice learned skills in a variety of settings, to share a sample of their work via print, digital, or Facebook postings, and to build relationships.  A list of locations can be found on this website and scheduled outings are posted in the Calendar.  

Showcasing Our Images in the Community: In addition to Photo Salon, HCPC presents Life Captured – a show consisting of about 130 images from club members and aired several times throughout the week Island-wide on Shaw TV.  A new show is created each month. Past issues of Life Captured can be found on the Shaw YouTube Channel – Shaw Community Link – Nanaimo – Life Captured.

Facebook:  The club has a Facebook page – the ideal hub for networking among members.  It is a closed group for members only.  Visit the page to share what you are shooting, your tips, your tools, your inspirations, to give and get feedback, and most of all, to appreciate the incredible talent within the club.  To join the page, access the page from your personal Facebook page at HCPC – Harbour City Photography Club Group and request access. Once your membership to the club has been verified you will be accepted.