An Exhibit by Island Photographers

Photo Salon is part of a worldwide system of photo competitions and recognized forums for exhibiting the best works of photographers in the local area. It showcases the commitment, achievement and outstanding work produced by photographers on Vancouver Island and surrounding Islands. It will motivate others to excel in their craft and it promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of photography in the wider community.
Judges (Digital Entries)
Cim McDonald, Chemainus
Dave Montizambert, Courtenay

Judging Criteria
All images were adjudicated and assigned a score based on a uniform scoring system.
Judges awarded their scores based on key elements, such as visual interest, how well it portrayed the subject, fit the category definition, was technically well executed (both in camera and post processing), and showed an innovative interpretation by the photographer.

This genre of photography is broad, and includes images of forests, deserts, mountains, oceans, lakes and rivers. The main purpose is to convey a feeling or mood experienced at the time the shot was taken. If the photograph creates a similar emotion in the viewer, it is a good image.


Street photography features people in spontaneous situations in public places where human activity can be seen; it is a place to observe and capture social interaction. Street photography usually takes place without premeditation and is mostly candid, which means that the subject is not aware of the fact that it is being photographed. 

Macro & Close up:
This category is for images that capture details often overlooked in our daily lives. Close up photography takes a subject and zooms in on it. You still get a sense of what you are looking at, and how it relates to the world around it. Macro photography takes this a step further. The subject fills most of the frame so that you get an incredible amount of detail and, because it fills the frame, you can lose the sense of how tiny the subject actually is.
As implied, the subject matter is wide open and may include such things as portraiture, wildlife, still life, architecture, sports, and other subjects that do not fit the Landscape, Street and Macro categories.

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