Outing – Gabriola Island with Brad Powell – RSVP Required

Gabriola Island BC, Canada

CLICK HERE to RSVP This outing will takes us to beautiful Gabriola Island where we will be met by Brad Powell and head out for Drumbeg Park for a sunrise shoot. Brad will then take us to few of his favourite spots to photograph landscapes.  Gabriola Island is one of the Gulf Island about 5 […]

PoW #96 – Paper

This week's Photograph of the Week challenge is Paper. Your challenge is to find a new way and creative way to photograph paper.  Post your photograph on our Facebook page by Sunday, November 5th, if you do not have access to Facebook you can send your photographs to [email protected] and they will be posted for […]

PoW #97 – In Remembrance

Next Saturday, November 11th, is Remembrance Day, so in honour of veterans and all loved ones passed this weeks PoW is In Remembrance. The challenge is to find a new and creative way to honour someone who has made an impact in your live photographically.  Post your photographs on our Facebook page by next Sunday, […]

Outing – Stocking Creek – RSVP Required

Stocking Creek Park End of Thicke Rd, Saltair, BC, Canada

CLICK HERE to RSVP NOTE: The date as been changed to Sunday, November 5th, 2023.  Stocking Creek Park and Falls is a 10 hectare park. The park features manicured trails that follow much of the creeks path. In places where there are changes in elevation, stairs with handrails exist. Along the way, you can see […]

HCPC Meeting – Black & White: Bold Interpretations of Nature with Sarah Marino


Black & White: Bold Interpretations of Nature with Sarah Marino In this inspiring yet practical presentation, Sarah Marino will share her essential lessons for photographing nature in black and white. Sarah will discuss some important mindset practices that support photographing in black and white, learning to see opportunities for black and white photography, understanding tones […]

CAPA – Black & White Competition – Due Date

This competition is for traditional black & white images only, a black & white images ranges from very dark grey (black) to a very light gray (white) with varying shades (darker) and tints (light) of the grayscale.  All eligible images must be deemed as a black and white image based on the definition above.  Images […]

PoW #98 – Faces

Photograph of the Week # 98 - Faces  Faces are everywhere whether it is human, animal or perceived you can find a face or faces in most places. The challenge for this week is to photograph some of the faces you find and post them on our Facebook page by next Sunday, November 19th. As […]

BC / Yukon Speakers Series Presents Through the Lens of Love with John Barclay


The BC - Yukon Inter-club Speakers Series and North Shore Photographic Society are please to present the first speaker of the series, with Through the Lens of Love with John Barclay.  Realizing that photography is a creative art form, John is constantly exploring new ways to connect with is subject. Over the last few years, […]

Photograph of the Week #99 – Friendship

“We’ll be friends forever, won’t we Pooh?” asked Piglet.  “Even Longer” Pooh answered.    What would life be without friends, whether they are human or fur friends, or even imaginary, they make our lives better.    The challenge for this week is to find a way to photographically honour your friend(s) or just celebrate friendship.  […]

Club Meeting – Beban Park – Underwater Photography

Beban Park 2300 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

During this meeting Bob Simpson will share his experiences while photographing the sea life found in Salish Sea. He will talk about his equipment and give us a few hints on getting starting with Underwater Photography.  You have seen some of Bob's wonderful photography on our Facebook page, but you can read more about his […]

Print Competition – Hometown Pride & Less is More

Beban Park 2300 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

This is the first print competition of the year and the categories are:  Hometown Pride - What about your town makes you proud? Less is More - Ask not what can be added to your frame, but what can be removed. This is perfect for you minimalists.  Do not frame or use glass/acrylic for these […]

Outing – Christmas at Gardenworks

Gardenworks 6469 Metral Dr., Nanaimo, B.C., Canada

Another Inside Outing! - GARDENWORKS RSVP IS REQUIRED - CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM Gardenworks offeres a wide array of beautiful plants, garden supplies, pottery, and home decor. At this time of the year, the centre has created a visual smorgasbord of Seasonal decorations, lights, flowers, and plants alongside their usual displays. Most areas will […]