May Ch-Outing # 2 – Frame It – Due Date

“Tra la, it’s May, the lusty month of May That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray Tra la, it’s here, that shocking time of year When tons of wicked little thoughts appears”   With the opening lines of a song by Julie Andres in Camelot I hope none of you are going too far […]

Life Captured Submissions Due Date

Submissions for the June 2021 Life Captured show on Shaw TV are due to Barry by Sunday May 30th.  Life captured is a monthly 30 minute  show of photographs taken by members of the Harbour City Photography Club that is shown on Shaw's community channels and YouTube channel. If you would like to see some […]

HCPC Meeting – Annual General Meeting – Two Opportunities presented by Sherman Hines


Our Annual General Meeting will start at 6:30 and be followed by a Two Opportunities a presentation from Sherman Hines.  Sherman Hines is a Canadian photographer, born and now residing in Nova Scotia. He has received many honours including the Canadian Photographer of the year. He has published more than 70 books - some of […]

CAPA – Audio Visual Presentation – Due Date

The audio visual (AV) competition submissions may consist of a multimedia presentation composition of photography, video, animation, music and narration, text or a combination thereof. The emphasis of the presentation will be the blending of these components into a cohesive storyline. The transition between the images should flow harmoniously with the appropriate colour or tone […]

12 Artists by the River – Art Show and Sale

12 Artists by the River 1940 Burchelle Rd., Cedar

In support of our fellow member Dennis McMahon.    13 Artists by the River 1940 Burchell Rd., Cedar, BC (Behind the Cedar General Store) 

June Ch-outing #1 – Graffiti – Due Date

The first ch-outing for June is Graffiti, to be posted on our club Facebook page on June 8th.  The subject of graffiti can be taken anywhere in the city, there is lots of it around, but try to incorporate it into its surroundings to show context. You can also incorporate many Graffitis into one college. […]

Year End Awards Submissions – Due Date

There are three year end awards in honour of three founding members of the club who had a memorable impact. The submissions for each category are voted on by the members at the year-end meeting - June 15th - and the winner is announced at the end of the meeting.    The three categories are:  […]

Year-End Showcase – Inspiration – Due Date


This years showcase is all about inspiration, what inspires you a single word, a quote, a poem or a passage …..     We are asking that you translate your inspiration into photographs. Give us the word, quote or favourite two lines of the poem or passage and three images you feel best represent it. […]

HCPC Meeting – Year End Wrap


This is the last meeting for this year....... Year-End Awards  Roy Quesnel Award - Black and White Portrait Jan Blackbourn Award - Abstract Nigel Fletcher - Humour in Photography   Images for each category will be shown as slideshow and voted on by the members using the polling function in Zoom and the winners will […]

June Ch-outing #2 – Dichotomy – Due Date

The second ch-outing for June is "Dichotomy" was suggested by Rooney and is due to be posted on Facebook on June 22nd.   The two most commonly senses of dichotomy are easily (and often) confused. The older one refers to a division of something into tow groups that often are mutually exclusive or contrary (as […]

July Outing # 1 – Reflector Portraits

Bowen Park 500 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo

Our first "real - in-person" outing will be a workshop on lighting portraits using reflectors. This workshop will be very informal and we will also practice posing and interacting with your subject. The outing will be at Bowen Park by the lower picnic shelter off Wall St. we will meet at 10:00AM on Saturday July […]

July Outing #2 – Butterfly World – Coombs – Confirmed

Butterfly World 1080 Winchester Rd, Coombs

The second outing for July will be to Butterfly World at Coombs, 1080 Winchester Rd, Coombs. We have access to Butterfly World on July 24th at 3:30 with a private session between 4:00 - 5:00. Although COVID restrictions are being lifted we will still follow the standard spacing and hygiene rules so make sure you […]