HCPC Meeting – Beban Park – Photographing a Cultural Event with John Young

Beban Park 2300 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

John has been traveling to Mexico to photograph for several years, and has photographed el Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) for the past two years. He will be talking about his trips and the things her has learned about photography a cultural event during these trips.  During his last trip he was […]

Club Meeting – Flash for the Scared Stiff with Judy Hancock Holland


Our very own Judy Hancock Holland will be presenting Flash for the Scared Stiff.  Photographers commonly have 2 main reasons they don’t use flash: They think it’s too complicated, or they don’t like the “flash look”. But there are simple ways to use flash to emulate natural light, even on a budget. Tonight’s presentation, “Flash […]

HCPC Meeting – Zoom – Building Confidences in Shooting Street with Monique Campbell


In a flash of Monique identifies a moment and clicks the shutter already knowing the end result will demonstrate her empathy and intimacy. Monique finds interest by observing the mundane, the ordinary and the moments most people take for granted. She excels in producing captivating photographs that tell stories that linger in the minds of […]

2023 Annual Scavenger Hunt

Maffeo Sutton Park 48 Comox St, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

This is your chance to get away from the computer and out of the meeting room and have some fun. We are resurrecting the Annual Scavenger Hunt, just a little later in the year with the hope we will have better weather. We will meet at bridge in MAFFEO SUTTON  Park at the bridge over […]

Club Annual General Meeting – Zoom


Our evening will start with the Annual General Meeting. Once the business of the AGM is complete we will move on to the fun part of the evening where Dave Tyler will give two presentations, one on how he creates the beautiful photograph paintings he has shared on Facebook over the past year.  And one […]

Season Opening Celebration Picnic

Transfer Beach Ladysmith, BC, Canada

This years Season Opening Celebration will be held at Kinsman Shelter at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith.  The Kinsman Shelter is the large shelter across from the parking lot, between the basketball and volleyball courts and the washrooms.  Transfer Beach is a scenic park that features many activities. It is located just east of the Ladysmith […]

Club Meeting – Beban Park – Looking Back – Looking Forward

Beban Park 2300 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

This meeting will be the first meeting of the year and will include a review of last year events and a preview of upcoming events as well as an exercise on evaluating and scoring images. This will also give you a chance to sign-up for the fall selection of Special Interest groups.  A full agenda […]

HCPC Meeting – Zoom – Critiquing Photos: Yours and Others’


Must of us want to improve our photography; to grow to be the best practicers of our craft we an be.  Critique can be a crucial part of that process, if it's delivered with respect and motivated by a drive for excellence.  Join us as award-winning photographer Judy Hancock Holland helps us learn to look […]

HCPC Meeting – Beban Park – Focus with Brian Argyle

Beban Park 2300 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Let's face it, if a shot isn't in focus, at a 'throw-away'. Today's cameras have many different parameters of Shoot Mode, Focus, Metering and Drive Modes - all of which can be intertwined. So, with any talk about FOCUS, it's necessary to talk about the effects the different settings have, since they all can be […]

HCPC Meeting – Black & White: Bold Interpretations of Nature with Sarah Marino


Black & White: Bold Interpretations of Nature with Sarah Marino In this inspiring yet practical presentation, Sarah Marino will share her essential lessons for photographing nature in black and white. Sarah will discuss some important mindset practices that support photographing in black and white, learning to see opportunities for black and white photography, understanding tones […]

Club Meeting – Beban Park – Underwater Photography

Beban Park 2300 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

During this meeting Bob Simpson will share his experiences while photographing the sea life found in Salish Sea. He will talk about his equipment and give us a few hints on getting starting with Underwater Photography.  You have seen some of Bob's wonderful photography on our Facebook page, but you can read more about his […]