A Day in the Life of Nanaimo

This is a joint project with the Nanaimo Bulletin where we chronicle A Day in the Life of Nanaimo, which is then published as a supplement in the Nanaimo Bulletin. Members are asked to photograph an area or activity in Nanaimo covering the full day of September 30th, starting at 12:00AM and finishing at 11:59PM. […]

Photograph of the Week #92 – Fungi or FunGuy

This week’s challenge should be a ‘fun’ one! It is that time of the year that the mushrooms start showing up in the hollows and valleys, so this challenge sends you out looking for them, but if your aren’t into searching the forest, look around, you may find a fun guy. Regardless of which direction […]

Photograph of the Week – Different or Opposite

One of these things are not like the other …… remember that Seseme Street song? The PoW topic is to have 2 or more different things or opposites in one photograph. When you think about this is just about an open category as long as there are two things, it can be created in camera or […]

CAPA – 2023 Nature/Wildlife Competition – Due Date

Scope of Competition: This competition has five themes which are:  Botanical - Wild plants photographed in their natural environment.  Insects, Reptiles & Amphibians - Such as lizard, snakes, ants, bees, beetles etc. These must be in their natural setting, hand-of-man elements shall not be present, except where those human elements are an integral part of […]

PoW #94 – Shapes

The Photograph of the Week theme for this week is shapes, it can be any shape or it can be a combination of many shapes. Let's see how creative you can get with this, it shouldn't be hard you have lots of options. As always have fun! Post your photographs on our Facebook page between […]

Photograph of the Week #95 – All Hallows Eve or Halloween

Time to get your spook shoes on because this week PoW is everything spooky, scary and related to Halloween!  Post your photographs on the club Facebook page by next Sunday, October 29 and have some spooky fun!  If you do not have access to Facebook you can send your photographs to [email protected] and they will […]

Life Captured Image Due Date

Shaw Life Captured Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Life Captured is a 30-minute slide show which is shown on Shaw’s local community channels in Nanaimo and Parksville.  The slide show is created every two months and the photographs for the Nov / Dec show are due on October 25, although earlier would be appreciated.  Up to 7 photographs are to be sent to [email protected] via […]

PoW #96 – Paper

This week's Photograph of the Week challenge is Paper. Your challenge is to find a new way and creative way to photograph paper.  Post your photograph on our Facebook page by Sunday, November 5th, if you do not have access to Facebook you can send your photographs to [email protected] and they will be posted for […]

PoW #97 – In Remembrance

Next Saturday, November 11th, is Remembrance Day, so in honour of veterans and all loved ones passed this weeks PoW is In Remembrance. The challenge is to find a new and creative way to honour someone who has made an impact in your live photographically.  Post your photographs on our Facebook page by next Sunday, […]

CAPA – Black & White Competition – Due Date

This competition is for traditional black & white images only, a black & white images ranges from very dark grey (black) to a very light gray (white) with varying shades (darker) and tints (light) of the grayscale.  All eligible images must be deemed as a black and white image based on the definition above.  Images […]

PoW #98 – Faces

Photograph of the Week # 98 - Faces  Faces are everywhere whether it is human, animal or perceived you can find a face or faces in most places. The challenge for this week is to photograph some of the faces you find and post them on our Facebook page by next Sunday, November 19th. As […]

Photograph of the Week #99 – Friendship

“We’ll be friends forever, won’t we Pooh?” asked Piglet.  “Even Longer” Pooh answered.    What would life be without friends, whether they are human or fur friends, or even imaginary, they make our lives better.    The challenge for this week is to find a way to photographically honour your friend(s) or just celebrate friendship.  […]