General rules to participate in our Print Challenge: 

1. Members only may enter their own photographs.

2. Images submitted to Club competitions must not have been entered in previous Club competitions.

3. There are 4 categories and you can enter 1 print per category.
HDR images can be used in any of the categories.

A- Colour image, of which may be of general subject matter.

B- Digital Art. Digital Art is considered to be any picture which has originated as a photograph and may be heavily digitally manipulated, including the addition of extra elements or other photographs.

Entries with digitally added elements and/or other heavy manipulation may not be entered in the other 3 categories.

C- Theme image. The theme for the competition is announced by the print chair in due time.
We change it for every competition
Challenge : we request you create the picture for the competition, not use an old one.
And if your theme picture is difficult to understand, put a note in the back and explain,
if not your print could be rejected.

D- Monochrome: monochrome is monochrome, not duotone or faded color. Black and white, or sepia like,or any other color, but one color.

4. Entries must be on stiff matt or backing, and at most single matted and unframed,
free of bulky or heavy materials such as particleboard, wood, metal or glass.

There is no size limit in the “Advance” division, but we strongly recommend you stay close to 16×20 for your maximum size. A too big picture could be rejected by the print chair.
We just do not have enough room on the racks. For the “Beginner” division, we recommend a size around 8×10 as big prints can be expensive, but
it is important that you participate.

Entries must be free of identifying marks on the front (these would include
the photographers name or self-portrait), or they will be automatically rejected.

In the back, put your name, with the title, as well as the division (beginner or advance )you wish to be in, and indicate the top of the image with an arrow if it is difficult to figure it out.

Please do bring a separate label with your picture: a business card size folded piece of paper with the title, that we will put it in front of your picture with the number associated to your picture during the competition.

HCPC does not take financial responsibility for prints damaged or lost in competition.
HCPC also takes no responsibility for any issues of Model or Property release incurred in
the display of any members images.

Prints submitted for competition may be displayed on our web page unless you indicate otherwise in writing.