You Are Invited to Participate In Our Annual
The View Gallery
Vancouver Island University
Nanaimo, BC
June 1 – June 12, 2020

Photo Salon is part of a worldwide system of recognized forums to showcase the commitment, achievement and outstanding work of photographers in the region. It is open to club and non-club members on Vancouver Island. A panel of judges adjudicates the digital entries and, if accepted, the photographs are printed, hung and evaluated for 1st -, 2nd -, and 3rd -place recognition. There is also a ‘People’s Choice’ award. Photo Salon is hosted by the Harbour City Photography Club in Nanaimo and is endorsed by the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA), the prime photography group in Canada.

Why Enter?
 It offers public recognition and significant awards.
 It can improve your photography by having to think critically about what to enter.
 It motivates others to excel in their craft and promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of photography in the wider community.

The competition categories described below have been established for the following reasons:
 Viewers can see photographs grouped into categories based on subject matter.
 Photos are easier to judge on an objective basis if the subjects are similar and the criteria within a category are consistent.
 When you enter a photo into a specific category, you are asking that your photograph be judged according to the definition of that category.

Guidelines for all Categories
 There are no restrictions on the amount of post processing allowed, provided all elements of the photograph are created by the photographer and edited by the photographer.
 The primary subject of the photo must reflect the category description.
 Each image must have a unique title and is considered a part of the image; titles may influence a judge either positively or negatively.
 Identify where the photograph was taken, if not obvious.
 Do not add your name, copyright, watermark or any other identifying text to the digital image or the print itself. Identifying text will disqualify the entry.
 There are no restrictions on when the photo was taken or if it has been entered in competitions other than previous Photo Salons.

Judging Criteria
All photographs will be judged on how well they (i) portray the subject matter, (ii) display visual interest (tell a story or create an emotion), (iii) illustrate technical expertise (both in camera and post processing), (iv) show an original or personal interpretation, and (v) fit the category definition. Judges will not move an image from one category to another.



This genre of photography is broad, and includes images of forests, deserts, mountains, oceans, lakes and rivers. Man-made objects (a building, a fence, a boat) do not disqualify an entry from this category. If there are humans or animals in the photo they must not be the focus of the image but are intentionally included to show a sense of scale. The main purpose is to convey a feeling or mood experienced at the time the shot was taken. If the photograph creates a similar emotion in the viewer, it is a good image.

Street photography features people in spontaneous situations in public places where human activity can be seen; it is a place to observe and capture social interaction. Street photography usually takes place without premeditation and is mostly candid, which means that the subject is not aware of the fact that it is being photographed. Framing and timing are key aspects, with the aim of creating images at a decisive or poignant moment. While street photography does not necessitate the presence of a street or urban environment, for this category the image must include a person or persons going about their daily lives.

Macro & Close up
This category is for images that capture details often overlooked in our daily lives. Close up photography takes a subject and zooms in on it. You still get a sense of what you are looking at, and how it relates to the world around it. Macro photography takes this a step further. The subject fills most of the frame so that you get an incredible amount of detail and, because it fills the frame, you can lose the sense of how tiny the subject actually is. Technically, the difference between macro and close up photography is the camera lens. Images for this category are not limited to a dedicated macro lens.

As implied, the subject matter is wide open and may include such things as portraiture, wildlife, still life, architecture, sports, and other subjects that do not fit the Landscape, Street and Macro categories.

$10 for each image submitted to be juried (non-refundable)
$10 for each image selected for hanging (non-refundable)
Payable to Harbour City Photography Club, cash or cheque to the treasurer in person; or
Mail to: HCP Club, PO Box 957, Station A, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5N2; or

Phase One – Digital Entries
Digital images will be accepted until February 15.
Participants may enter up to 3 images in total.
There will be an early-bird draw for those who enter by midnight December 31.
The entry fee of $10 for each image is due February 16.
Images are accepted for judging when the fees are paid.
Digital images must be sized to a maximum 1050 pixels vertical and 1400 horizontal, regardless of orientation, and include
 your name
 title of the image
 category to which it belongs
 a description of the subject (if not obvious)
 where the image was taken
 sale price (if applicable)
A team of two external judges will evaluate all digital images using a standardized scoring system.
Judges will not know the artist’s name, and may choose all or no images from the same person.
The top scoring 95 entries will be selected for hanging, based on the size limitations of the gallery.
Send images to

Phase Two – Print Preparation and Delivery
Participants will be notified of judges’ decisions between March 15 and 21
The hanging fee is $10 per print, payable by April 10.
Print size must be a minimum 11 x 14 inches or a maximum of 36 inches on the longer side, including frame.
There must be no identifying marks on the front of the prints.
On the back of the image include your name, image title, and contact information.
Images may be mounted on foam core, metal, canvas, wood laminate, or framed.
Hanging hardware must include picture wire that is fastened with “D” fasteners;
eye hooks or toothed hangers are not acceptable.
Prints must be delivered in person to the VIU View Gallery, Building 330 on May 26, 1 – 4 pm
A map and details regarding parking will be provided closer to the date.

Phase Three – The Exhibit
Prints, with the accompanying title, are hung by gallery staff.
Prints are evaluated by three external judges who have not seen the digital images.
A second label with the artist’s name, selling price and contact information is added after the prints are juried.
Each image will be evaluated on a scale of 30, with results sent to the photographer.
The gallery does not take a commission; any sales will be a private transaction.
Sold items may not be collected until June 15
Opening night is May 29 at 7 pm where winners are recognized with awards and ribbons.
Gallery hours are daily (including Saturday and Sunday) June 1 – 12, 10 am – 3 pm and Friday, June 5, 10 am – 7 pm
Prints must be picked up on June 15, 1 – 4 pm
The Harbour City Photography Club and Vancouver Island University will not be held liable for prints. Owners are responsible for their own insurance if they so desire.

October 1 – February 15: Submit images to
December 31 – Early-bird draw deadline
February 16: Digital entry fee payment is due; images are forwarded to judges for adjudication
March 21: Participants are notified of judges’ decisions
March 22 – May 25: Images are printed and prepared for hanging
April 10: Hanging fee payment is due
May 26: Prints are delivered to VIU, 1 – 4 pm
May 27: Prints are hung and labeled with the title of the image; no artist’s name
May 28: Prints are juried; afterwards, they are labeled with the photographer’s name
May 29: Opening Night Awards Ceremony, 7 pm
June1 – 12: Salon is open daily to the public (including Saturday and Sunday), 10 am – 3 pm, and Friday, June 5, 10 am – 7 pm
June 15: Prints are picked up at VIU, 1 – 4 pm
June 16: People’s Choice award presented at the Harbour City Photography Club year-end social

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