Good evening!  My name in Geri Reamer and I am the chair of Photo Salon 2018. On behalf of the Harbour City Photography Club, I extend a warm welcome to everyone, and in particular a distinguished guest and MLA Leonard Krog. We are delighted you took time to be here this evening.  I’m pleased to introduce one of this year’s judges – Daphne Carlyle.  She will have a few words to say later in the program.  And I wish to introduce our club president – Inge Riis McDonald and our photographer this evening, Brad Powell. 

Is a forum to encourage photographers in the local area to display their best work.  This year we have over 42 photographers from the Cowichan Valley to the Comox Valley displaying their images.
The Salon is a venue to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of photography in the wider community, which is part of the mandate of our club. The cost of running the Salon is covered by the fees paid by the entrants.  The awards presented tonight are provided by our sponsors. 

An event such as this depends on the contribution of many people, who deserve public recognition.  First of all, I wish to acknowledge those who have provided gift certificates or cash to purchase certificates for the awards.  These sponsors are listed on our poster and our website; please support them whenever you can.  Hold your applause until the end.

 Our Awards Sponsors
Craig Carmichael, Island Exposures, Parksville
Alan Bagshaw, Canvas Plus, Ladysmith
Ruth Wartentin, Studio 1867, Wippletree Junction
Dave McKay, Yellow Bird Arts Gallery
Peter Ward, London Drugs, Nanaimo North
Jacqueline Wunderlick – Michaels
Travis Carmichael, Royal LePage Nanaimo Realty
Saul Hilchey, RBC Dominion Securities
Dave Hammond, RE/MAX of Nanaimo
Judi Carter, Origin at Longwood
Geoff Reamer, Chateau Victoria

Other Sponsors
Royal LePage is also promoting this event on their leader board for the full 3 weeks!
The Nanaimo News Bulletin ran a very good article in Thursday’s edition. 
Arts Councils and digital & print magazines are advertising in their communities.
Costco Wholesale has provided the beverages we will enjoy later.

VIU – Thank you to Dr. Justin McGrail, professor of Art & Design, and curator of the Gallery, and to his assistants with the hanging:   Kevin Mazutinec and Sarah Packwood.   Thanks for hosting the event again this year.

Let’s show our appreciation to our young fiddlers:  Samuel and Joshua Kurtnik.  They will continue to entertain us after the awards are presented.

Our judges were Mary Jensen from Vancouver, Dave Montezambert from Courtenay (who adjudicated last year); and Daphne Carlyle from Duncan.  All 3 are certified professional photographers who have extensive experience in adjudication.  In addition to selecting the winners tonight, they gave comments on every image in the show.  These have been recorded and will be forwarded to participants.

Which brings us to those who made this show possible:  the photographers who entered this year’s competition.  Without your commitment to creating great images and your willingness to display your work, there would be no PHOTO SALON.  Let’s give a huge round of applause to our photographers. 


Nicole Ta
Bill Saffin, who is on a 5-month trek across Canada
Mike Woodworth, who left this week for Europe
I’m certain they took their cameras!
And myself, Geri Reamer. 
Those who know me, also know I’m big on jokes and quotes.  I couldn’t resist these about competitions. 

A successful competition is going out there and putting 100 percent into whatever I’m doing.  People mistake that it’s just about winning.  Sometimes it could be, but for me, it’s doing the best I can, gaining confidence, and having fun.
Champions are not the ones who always win.  Champions are the ones who get out there and try.  And try harder the next time.  And even harder the next time.  They are devoted.  They compete to best themselves as much – if not more than – they compete with others. 

NOW FOR THE MAIN EVENT – The Canadian Association for Photographic Arts (better known as CAPA) endorses this event with medals and ribbons. 

Images in this category may show a person or small group of people either isolated or in context of a place.  Our guidelines stated that the judges would be looking for strong and evocative photographs that convey emotion or personality. 

The honourable mention award is an engraved frame to display the winner’s entry, and a ribbon from CAPA
It goes to:  Inge Riis McDonald – #41 Hand Spinning
The third place award is a bronze medal from CAPA and a $100 gift certificate from the Yellow Bird Arts Gallery,
The recipient is: Irene Pienhopf – #44 Little Red Riding Hood
Second place award is a silver medal from CAPA and a $150 gift certificate from Michaels.
The winner is:  William Brown – #38 Untitled
The first place award in the portrait category is a gold medal from CAPA and a gift certificate for a 30 x 40 inch giclee print, valued at $250, from Canvas Plus.
The champion is:  Ruane Dumlar – #40 Homage

The nature category is intended to show our natural world in all its variety – from large scale to intimate views of landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, stars, botany, and aquatic species.  
The honourable mention award and ribbon go to:  Todd Ross – #27 The Warmth of Spring
The third place award is a bronze medal from CAPA and a $100 gift certificate from London Drugs, Nanaimo North Town Center.
The recipient is: Verna Slater – #30 Just Looking
Second place award is a silver medal from CAPA and a $150 gift certificate from Studio 1867.
The winner is:  Lorna Zaback – #37 Reeds in Still Water
The first place award in the nature category is a gold medal from CAPA and a gift certificate for a 30 x 40 inch giclee print, valued at $250 from Island Exposures.
The champion is:  John Young – #35 Fall into Winter

As the name implies, images in this category had no subject restriction.  Focus was on visual impact, artistry, composition, technical excellence and the use of the photographic medium as an art form. 
The honourable mention award and ribbon go to:  Paul Wullum – #89 Going Solo
The third place award is a bronze medal from CAPA and a $100 gift certificate from Yellow Bird Arts Gallery.
The recipient is: Judy Hancock Holland – #60 Nuance
Second place award is a silver medal from CAPA and a $150 gift certificate from Island Exposures.
The winner is:  Tony Paine – #79 St. Elias in the Snow
The first place award in the open category is a gold medal from CAPA and a gift certificate for a 30 x 40 inch giclee print, valued at $250 from Studio 1867.
The champion is:  Doug Bell – # 50 Nature’s Veins

Congratulations to all the winners!  And – there is one more award.

This award is a gift certificate from the Chateau Victoria for their Bed & Benny Package.  It includes one night accommodation in a one-bedroom suite, and eggs benedict for two with a breathtaking view while dining in.  This award is valued at $425 and will be presented at the club’s year-end social on June 19.  Please vote for your favorite image in the show. 

(Daphne gave high praise for the quality of work displayed in the Salon, and shared how difficult it was to make the final decisions.  She emphasized that seeing the images in print revealed so much more than the digital images the judges previewed in phase one.  On that note, she encouraged everyone to print, to hang, to sell or give away their best work and not keep them buried in the digital graveyard.)

THANK YOU for coming tonight.  Enjoy refreshments and conversation.  Spread the word to family and friends.