To be known as a photography club that enables all members to achieve success and have fun in their chosen areas of photography.
To provide a friendly, supportive venue for the free sharing of ideas in pursuit of photographic excellence, and to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of photography in the wider community.
To foster the joy of photography through inspiration, education, special interest groups,  workshops, outings, photo challenges and competitions, and by showcasing our images in the club and in the community.


Next Meeting for the 2019-2020 season is October 15, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Please remember that membership fees are due at this time. Accepted means of payment is cash or cheque. Single is $50.00, family is $65.00 and student is $10.00. All those who are not members, but wish to drop by, we are asking for a donation of $5.00.  


Focus: More on fine Art Photography.

Tuesday, Oct.15th.

Educational Focus: More on Fine Art Photography
Jordan Johns is the Exhibit Technician at the Nanaimo Museum, a Past President of
Nanaimo Arts Council, and a special event and fine art photographer/digital artist.

This presentation will look at the broader view of “Art” and focus on photography as a
medium to create art. The presentation will not be limited to looking at a singular style
or method. Topics will include how to use light to shape your subject, digital
manipulation, and drawing inspiration for creating. Examples will be included for these.
If time allows, photos as a starting point in the art process will be covered too.

 Announcements regarding the Photo Salon
 Show & Share by Members
Club Digital Challenge #2 –Fine Art Theme Due to Sue by November 13th
CAPA Competition – Fine Art Photography Due to Sue by November 8 th


2019-20 Board of Directors:

President – Bill Saffin
Vice President – Ian Warren
Secretary – Dianne Busch
Treasurer – Maggie Tilley
Membership – Sue Nurmi
Program Director- Rooney Dumler
Community Liaison – Jasmeen Stahl