To be known as a photography club that enables all members to achieve success and have fun in their chosen areas of photography.
To provide a friendly, supportive venue for the free sharing of ideas in pursuit of photographic excellence, and to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of photography in the wider community.
To foster the joy of photography through inspiration, education, special interest groups,  workshops, outings, photo challenges and competitions, and by showcasing our images in the club and in the community.


Next Meeting for the 2019-2020 season is November 19, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Please remember that membership fees are due at this time. Accepted means of payment is cash or cheque. Single is $50.00, family is $65.00 and student is $10.00. All those who are not members, but wish to drop by, we are asking for a donation of $5.00.  


Club Digital Challenge #2 –Fine Art Theme Due to Sue by November 13th
CAPA Competition – Fine Art Photography Due to Sue by November 8th

Our November 19th meeting agenda:

On Tuesday, November 19, our club will welcome a presentation by Taylor Roades

She is a full-time photographer based between Victoria and Vancouver British Columbia.  Photography has taken her across Asia, and South America. In her words, she’s lugged too much gear through the Canadian Rockies to the Scottish Highlands, Patagonia, the Sub Arctic, and has fired the shutter thousands and thousands of times.  Travel is what sparked Taylor’s interest in photography.  However, it’s the telling the stories of people, the planet, adventure, and culture that keeps her going. 

Taylor has worked on a variety of editorial, commercial and reportage style assignments with companies and organizations that share a vision for sustainability and an appreciation for story.     taylorroades@gmail.com


                                              Harbour City Photography Club Outing

Contact Person – Rooney Dumler (250 616 6224)

Date :  Monday, January 6th


Travel :  Catch the 8:25 Departure Bay ferry to Vancouver.  (Free to 65 yr.+) and arrive about     

               10:05.   Blue Bus from ferry to downtown and the Vancouver Art Gallery.  (arrive there   

                about 11:00.).  Cost for one zone is about $2.00

                6:35 ferry home (leave downtown by 5:00) $2.00


Main Purpose of the Trip – To Have an Adventure!

         Travel to Vancouver and specifically, the Vancouver Art Gallery, to view and study the work of Cindy Sherman, an American artist, whose work consists exclusively of photographic self-portraits, depicting herself in many different contexts and as various imagined characters.

For more about her exhibit, visit the Vancouver Art Gallery. http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/current-exhibitions

A bonus is that there is an Emily Carr exhibit, as well, at that time.  “Rapture, Rhythm and the tree of Life: Emily Carr and her female contemporaries.”

The first Monday of the month is “free day for seniors”.  Otherwise, regular admission is about $24.00.  We have to be there before 1:00 for this “special”.  The Gallery is open 10:00 – 5:00

As well, we hope to make it a photo outing.  We will visit the Christ Church Cathedral and other sites. Practice our street photography, perhaps.  Open to suggestions.

                         Seniors 65+                    Young Folks

Ferry:               Free on Monday                  17.20×2


Bus:                  2.00×2                                      2.00×2


Admission:      Free on 1st Monday                 24.00

                                 of month

Christ Church:        Free                                      Free

Total:                        4.00                                      62.40

To date, about four people from our club have expressed an interest.  A group rate (10) is available.  We may limit the number of people to 10 – 12, for the sake of mobility and photography.


2019-20 Board of Directors:

President – Bill Saffin
Vice President – Ian Warren
Secretary – Dianne Busch
Treasurer – Maggie Tilley
Membership – Sue Nurmi
Program Director- Rooney Dumler
Community Liaison – Jasmeen Stahl